Traves Name Meaning, Origin, Numerology, & More Detaills

Traves Name Meaning, Origin, Numerology, & More Detaills

Are you thinking about what Traves name meaning could be for your baby boy? Well, Traves has a lot of interesting stuff behind it. Let’s talk about what Traves means, where it comes from, and why it’s a cool name to consider.

Quick Info of The Name Traves

Traves Name MeaningBeam or Plank
PersonalityStrong, dependable, ambitious
Career/Job OpportunityEngineering, Construction, Leadership roles
Lucky Numbers4, 8, 10
Lucky DaySaturday
Lucky ColorBlue
Lucky GemstoneSapphire

What Does Traves Name Meaning?

Traves means “beam” or “plank.” It’s like those strong pieces of wood that hold up buildings. So, the name Traves represents strength and support.

Where Does Traves Come From?

Traves comes from the Latin language, which was spoken by ancient Romans. Back then, being able to build strong things, like houses and bridges, was important. So, the name Traves has a connection to construction and building.

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What About Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and their symbolic meanings. For Traves, the number is 8. This number is linked with success and power. It means that people named Traves are often determined and hardworking.

What Are Traves’s Personality Traits?

What Are Traves’s Personality Traits

What Are Traves’s Personality Traits

People named Traves are known for being strong and dependable. They are dependable and have grand visions which they strive to actualize.

What Jobs Suit Traves?

Traves could excel in jobs like engineering or construction because they’re good at solving problems and leading others. They might also do well in leadership roles where they can use their ambition to succeed.

What Are Traves’s Lucky Things?

Traves’s lucky numbers are 4, 8, and 10. Saturday is their lucky day, and blue is their lucky color. The sapphire is their lucky gemstone.


Traves is a name that represents strength and ambition. It comes from Latin roots and has a powerful meaning. When you name your baby boy Traves then you give him a name that will urge him to be tough and success-oriented.

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